Unexplained Miracles

"The Supernatural"

Perhaps no other word has ever encited so much mystery and intrigue. All mankind ponders
what lies ahead, where did we come from, and even more importantly where will we go when
we die. Is there something more at work in the Universe? Many claim to have the answers,
but for others the thought of the Supernatural is hard to grasp. We know for a fact that
Jesus walked the earth some 2,000 years ago, many miracles were documented on his
behalf, but still many fail to believe that he has risen from the dead, that he lives. Many
refuse to believe he is the Son of God, and for others, they see no evidence that
there is a God at all. You will be witness to the photos to come, many will say
they are unexplained. For the first time in the history of the world mankind
will have the opportunity to witness what lies beyond. We have all been
granted free will, and all have the opportunity to choose our path in
life. You will be the judge of the pictures to come, you will weigh
the facts, and with an open mind you will decide for yourself.
The pictures to come have been taken on trail camera's
which are used for viewing wildlife, they were taken
in a remote valley in North America. The pictures
started in August of 2010 and continue today,
they are original to the camera's which
took them and have not been altered
in any way. To many, these are
Miracles Of Heaven. Enjoy.

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